Our company is specialized in high-performance rare earth permanent magnet servo motors, intelligent industrial robots, vertical axis rare earth permanent magnet generators, intelligent equipment, intelligent teaching equipment, medical equipment and others.

Industrial robot welding workstation

Industrial robot welding workstation

The training equipment enables students to understand the basic structure of the welding robot system (including the robot body, control cabinet, teaching device, welding machine, welding torch, welding workstation, positioner and fixture, gun cleaning station, etc.). Understand the working principle of the welding robot system. Improve students' practical skills in teaching programming, offline programming and debugging of welding robot workstations.
Industrial robot multifunctional training workstation

Industrial robot multifunctional training workstation

The training equipment is a set of teaching training system that simulates the complex control process in actual industrial production. The system is composed of a feeding unit, a visual inspection unit, an assembly (or processing) unit, a handling unit, and a sorting unit. It can realize the supply, handling, inspection, classification, identification, transmission, assembly (or processing) and other processes of the goods. The system has the functions of leakage protection, short circuit protection, emergency stop protection, limit protection, isolation protection, intelligent diagnosis protection and so on. The equipment organically integrates mechanical technology (including pneumatic technology), intelligent sensor detection technology, AC motor frequency conversion speed regulation, industrial robot application and maintenance
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